April 2016 – AUTOR 2016 Public Award, Bucharest, Romania


August 2011 – Solo exhibition at Startzi Razboinitzi, Varvara

August 2012 – Article- Eva Magazine

May 2012 – Participation in “White” revue (Jewellery and clothes) at Movie Bar, Sofia

November 2012 – EXHIBITION! Chudo Gallery, Hemingway Complex, Sofia  – Choria- Paintings, Simeon Shomov- Jewellery

December 2012 – Participation in “Circle” exhibition, Varna
April 2013 – “Seeding” exhibition, Varna
September 2013 – Participation in “Part Of Heart” art festival, Sofia
October 12, 2013 – TV Report in “Рецепта за култура”  BNT2
November 6, 2013 – Participation in Animal/Bird/Fish Exhibition, Cecilia Colman Gallery, London
2014 – Become a member of
2014, 4th of December- Solo exhibition ACTION ! Sabai gallery, Sofia
2014, Participation in “Artistar Selezione” exhibition, Milan, Italy
2015, Published works in “Artistar Jewels 2015″ book, Italy
2015, Feb, Group exhibition “Curved Space”, Le Papillon art gallery, Varna
2015, May – Participation in Autor (International contemporary jewellery fair), Bucharest, Romania
2015 June – Participation to group jewellery exhibition in Sabay gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
2015, November – Participating AUTOR 14 International contemporary jewellery fair, Bucharest, Romania
2015, December – Participation in Winter’s Breath @ Putti Gallery, Riga, Latvia
2016, January – Article in L’oficiel magazine, Latvia
2016, February – Participation to group jewellery exhibition “Gravitated Objects” @ Le Papillon art gallery, Varna, Bulgaria
2016, February – Interview,  FM+ Radio, Bulgaria
2016, April – Participation to Autor 2016 International Contemporary Jewellery Fair (Won The Public Award), Bucharest, Romania
2016, May – Participation to “Conversation With A Cloud” Exhibition, Art Gallery Putti, Riga, Latvia
2016, June – Participation to EUNIQUE fair, Karlsruhe, Germany
2016, August – Published works in Baltic Jewellery News Magazine
2016, December – Participation to “Magical tale in grandfather’s beard” exhibition, Art Gallery Putti, Riga, Latvia
2017, February – Participation to “RESONANCE” exhibition, Le Papillon Art Gallery, Varna, Bulgaria
22.04.2017 – 29.04.2017- Solo exhibition “Timelessness” at Sabai art gallery.
2017, May - Participation to Autor 2017 International Contemporary Jewellery Fair, Bucharest, Romania
2017, June- Solo exhibition “Connected” at Vivaart gallery, Vienna, Austria.
2017, June- Participating to the exhibition “Summer symphony in lark`s heart”, at Putti art gallery, Riga, Latvia
2018, February – Published works in Perle magazine, Latvia
2018, April – Published works in Deco magazine, Latvia
2018, April – Exhibition in Bratislavskeho Hradu, Zapadna Terasa (The Castle of Bratislava), Bratislava, Slovakia
2018, May – Participation to Autor 2018, International Contemporary Jewellery Fair, Bucharest, Romania
2018, December – Exhibition “Differences”, Simeon Shomov, Jana Acevska, Gligor Kuzmanovsky; Vienna Art Salon, Vienna, Austria
2019, November – Solo exhibition “Flying Around”, Sabai gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria